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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Cure?

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you have periods of prolonged restlessness? Do you know someone who might exhibit these symptoms? ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood, according the Center for Disease Control, CDC.

          ADHD can be common in childhood. According to the Mayo Clinic staff ADHD may not diagnosed until later in life. Some adult symptoms may include unstable relationships, poor work or school performance and low self-esteem.   

          Let’s take a closer look at how brain functioning may be impaired in a person with ADHD. Did you know your brain is an organ? Sending billions of signals all over your body, your brain uses a combination of electricity and neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters may help or hinder the connection of these signals. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that communicate messages throughout our brain and throughout our body.   

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Why Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections

          According to a New York Times article, “Too many doctors, and parents, rely on antibiotics for ear infections, despite a woeful lack of evidence for their benefits."

            Would it surprise you to discover that Acute Otitis Media “is the most common childhood infection for which antibiotics are prescribed in the United States?"

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What is sciatica? Why is it so painful?

          The sciatic nerve comes from nerves called the sacral plexus. These nerves travel to the sacrum and lumbar regions of the body. The sciatic nerve is actually a bundle of two nerves, the tibial and common peroneal nerves. Since the sciatic nerve is the largest and thickest nerve of the human body, it’s no wonder that this structure could be easily impinged.

A bigger wire, so to speak, is easier to get stepped on, than a smaller one. But, in your body, your nerves don’t get stepped on, they get caught in between things. These things in your body, come in the form of muscle, adipose or fat tissue. Other structures may impede but muscle and adipose are the most common.

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What is Chiropractic?

"Chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health."

- Association of Chiropractic Colleges


Migraine Relief: Freedom to Live Again

Do you experience throbbing, pounding painful headaches? Does this pain often begin in the back while spreading to one or both eyes? Does this pulsating pain become so intense that it becomes hard to function on a daily basis? Do you suffer from migraine headaches?

If have you have experienced this debilitating pain, you’re like millions of Americans, suffering from this chronic condition. What they don’t know, and you will discover, is that a safe and effective treatment can provide lasting relief.

What can chiropractic do for you?

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Carpal Tunnel Pain: A New Treatment with Proven Results

“Ouch, not again. I don’t want to have surgery but that’s what my doctor told me I’d have to do. But I can’t deal with the pain anymore. Is there another way?"

 Yes, there is. A safe, proven treatment exists.

Have you experienced burning pain, tingling and numbness that radiates from the palm of your hand into your fingers? If so, relief is not only on its way, it’s here and established.

What you may be experiencing is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Symptoms may start gradually and increase with frequency, with the thumb, index and middle fingers the most affected. Your ability to grip is even decreased, which is a scary result of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Chiropractic can help reduce the severity and the frequency of your allergies. Chiropractic does not work like an anti-histamine as a direct, short term relief from allergies. Chiropractic allows your body to be better equipped to fight against allergies.

When your spine is misaligned it can impinge on the nervous system in your body. Studies have shown that the nervous system has an effect on the functionality of your immune system. When your nervous system is under stress and not functioning properly, your immune system cannot work at an optimal level. Chiropractors work with the nervous system by aligning the spine to relieve any stress on nerves. This allows the immune system to work at a higher level, making it easier to fight off infections while recognizing allergens. When your immune system recognizes allergens, it will not overreact to them, or at least not react as severely to them.

If you suffer from allergies, chiropractic can help you find relief. Schedule an appointment today.


Whiplash is a common injury for people involved in car collisions. When a car is struck from behind or collides with another object, it causes the neck to snap back and forth violently. This causes the muscles and ligaments to overextend, leading to strains and/or tears. This is referred to as soft tissue damage, and can cause stiffness and soreness. Whiplash can also cause structural damage such as misaligned vertebrae, herniated, bulging or ruptured discs, or nerve damage due to the overextension from the violent movement.


Chiropractic can help with both types of injuries. Adjustments and alignments can be performed specifically for those who have been in car accidents and suffered from whiplash. The pressure on the discs and nerves is released when the spine is returned to its proper alignment. Chiropractic massage can be used to help relieve the pain and discomfort from soft tissue injuries. If you have been in a car accident, schedule an appointment with us before relying on pain medications and surgery.

Chronic stress and the chiropractic approach

It is true that chiropractic approach can help people cope with chronic stress. Chronic stress occurs when stress levels do not go down as they are meant to. Our bodies are hardwired to confront anxious or stressful situations by increasing our stress levels and hormones and then return to a normal state. This function happens in every person and is what has kept our species alive. Chiropractors have a very unique approach to helping the body relieve itself from chronic stress.

The vertebral subluxation complex is a very serious condition in which pressure is put on the nerves in the spinal column and causes irritation.  For people who suffer from chronic stress, they are never able to fully relax. This means they are much more susceptible to fatigue, lower immune system, and disease.  When a doctor of chiropractic locates and corrects the subluxations, not only is stress being removed from the nervous system, but also the entire functioning of the body is improved. These two factors relieve stress from the body directly, and indirectly.

Chiropractic Reduces Blood Pressure!

WebMD Health States: 

Chiropractic Reduces Blood Pressure!

 According to the Journal of Human Hypertension, Chiropractic adjustments were better in lowering blood pressure than 2 medications combined!

George Bakris M.D. said, “not only does it work, we saw no side effects and no problems!"

 This was an 8 week study, where 25 patients with early-stage high blood pressure were specifically adjusted and had significantly lowered their blood pressure compared to 25 similar patients who received sham adjustments!

Those who received specific Chiropractic adjustments saw an average 14mm Hg greater drop in the top number, and an average of 8mm Hg greater drop in the bottom number!

 George Bakris M.D., said, “when the statistician brought me the data, I actually didn’t believe it.  It was way too good to be true."  The statistician said, “I didn’t believe it either, but we checked for everything and there it was."

 The researchers suggested that injury to the neck earlier in life can affect blood flow in the arteries at the base of the skull!

                 Journal of Human Hypertension, March 2, 2007

Californians gearing up for the health care plans to debut in 2014

Californians gearing up for the health care plans to debut in 2014

(MENAFN Press) Californians are now getting a clearer picture of how the health care system will shape up once the major provision of the federal health care law goes into effect in 2014.

There is a wide array of health care issues included in the coverage like acupuncture to treat pain and nausea will be included. Tobacco cessation and vision screening is also part of the coverage while chiropractic has not gotten the nod from the jury to be added to the list of covered medical issues.

State lawmakers have sent two bills to the governor of California that states that the services of health insurance plans must cover starting in 2014 for individuals and small businesses.

The measures SB 951 by state Sen. Ed Hernandez D-West Covina, and AB 1453 by Assemblyman Bill Monning, D-Carmel define what are called essential health benefits under the federal health care overhaul and will fundamentally transform the kind of insurance Californians will buy.

It's historic, said Monning. The bills, he said, will affect the millions of Californians who have had limited coverage or no coverage who now will have access to coverage, and it will be comprehensive in nature. It will include preventive services, immunizations, hospitalization. The list goes on and on.

Chiropractic coverage is the hot topic at the moment, as California could require insurance companies to cover additions benefits that not require by the federal government but the state of California will have to pay for it. This raises the question whether chiropractic care can be added. So far it is not likely that chiropractic care will be part of the basic health benefits.

If the state of California wants to mandate chiropractic care of its own then the federal government will have to defray the additional cost for people buying subsidized insurance through the exchange.

Source: MENAFN Press

Auto Accidents: Is It Safe To Drive Again?

How often is someone injured in the U.S., from an auto accident?

 A. Every 10 seconds

B. Every 10 minutes

C. Every 20 seconds

D. Every 20 minutes

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Pinched Nerves Hurt- Relief at Last

Do you ever feel longer than normal periods of fatigue? Do you want more energy?

               Let’s start with the basics. A nerve is like a wire. A wire is usually made of copper and wrapped in a thermoplastic coating for insulation.  A nerve is wrapped in a myelin sheath for insulation. A nerve sends signals (electrochemical) to and from the area sensed to the brain and spinal cord.

             The Mayo Clinic defines a pinched nerve as:   A pinched nerve can occur at several sites in your body. A        herniated disk in your lower spine, for example, may put pressure on a nerve root, causing pain that radiates down the back of your leg (sciatica).

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Chiropractic and Stress Relief

Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort from stress related activities? Are those little aches and pains turning into fatigue and malaise? Have you experienced sudden pain from lifting something heavy, turning sharply? These two culprits, stress and inflammation have been called the mother of all diseases.

A safe and effective solution is available today. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures discovered the healing benefits of Chiropractic, which have been perfected in America today. This age-old wisdom realized how to best harness the power of the body and internal organs. The simple concept keeps the nervous system free from blockages and lets you experience this ancient technology as a modern fountain of youth.

What can chiropractic do for you?

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